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buffytodate's Journal

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Discussion of current Buffy episodes
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This community is for discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes that have aired as of the current date in the US without need for LJ-cuts, but spoiler-free as well.

Please observe the following RULES (modified from spot's fabulous buffyfan):

1. THIS COMMUNITY IS SPOILER-FREE. Anything that you could say about anything in a future episode, whether it is a major plot point or just how SMG's hair will be is a spoiler; if you suspect it might be a spoiler, it probably is. Sorry to be such a wench about this, but there is a B&A spoiler community at spoiled_rottin, and there are plenty of other places to post and/or LJ-cut spoilers, such as buffyfan, buffyponderings, and buffy_uncut.

2. Post any thoughts or comments about the current Buffy and Angel episodes! However, please be courteous to other members and LJ-cut any long posts after the first several lines as well as any pictures. Posts on the new episodes should be posted after 9p PST on the US airdate-please be respectful of users on the West coast since this community is un-cut. ; )

If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, look here for the lj-cut section of the LJ FAQ.

3. Be kind to the other community members. Flames will be deleted with out question. Also, false personalities, trolls, spammers, and people pretending to be staff, cast members or characters from the show will be removed, and ads for role-playing communities will be deleted.

5. This community is for the discussion of the Buffyverse. Please do not post here to advertise your community or website if it has nothing to do with Buffy, Angel, Joss, etc, etc. Also, no solicitation for LJ Codes, and no quiz results. Any posts of this sort will be deleted.

6. If, for whatever reason, you think Buffy/Angel sucks, (not just a specific episode), save it. This is a FAN community. Go start "buffysucks". We don't really want to hear it.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at opalexianATNO*(@%&@SPAMlivejournal.com

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